Why Tales From The Argo?

Firstly thank you for checking out our little home on the web.

I started this site due to the increasing demand from new filmmakers; be they actors, writers, or directors for information and advice from those who have already made the precarious journey into the film industry. These revered individuals are often seen as role models by emerging talent who take inspiration from their success and savour even a modicum of information they share pertaining to their meritocratic rise up the industry ladder. As a fellow filmmaker; actor, writer, and director, I know too well the desire to find out some useful advice from an established industry player. There is a desperate urge to uncover “the secret” to unlocking those colossal doors of success.

My thinking was if I feel this way then there are others who will be in exactly the same boat. Why not create one place where everyone can share the same information I’ve been fortunate enough to gain from the experts. My aim was to create a bridge between new and established talent. At the same time I wanted to create a sort of diary of my own experiences thus far in the business, this has become the “Filmmakers Journal” section. Hopefully this will chart my path within the industry and I share the mistakes I’ve made, lessons I’ve learnt, books and, scripts that have benefited me.

Finally, I’m sure you’re wondering about the name for this site. No it was no reference to Mr Affleck’s award winning movie! The Argo was the ship the mythical Greek hero Jason sailed with his Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. I could think of no better analogy for a filmmaker building a team of talented Argonauts, taking their project, the Argo on an epic adventure in search of the legendary goal. Whether that goal is getting representation from a talent agent, winning that coveted award, or simply getting their film funded. We’re all in search for our Golden Fleece.

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