Super 8 Camera…On Your IPhone: Cool App for Filmmakers

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Shoot in 60’s style Film with 8mm App by Nexvio Inc.

The must-have IPhone app for filmmakers and retro movie lovers alike…read on for why.

Overall I can’t say I’m wooed by Apple’s IPhone. The camera leaves much to be desired, especially when compared with its android counterparts. That said there are a number of very cool apps and add-ons that can ramp up the phones filmmaking abilities significantly.

This app however is genius in its simplicity. It’s called 8mm Vintage Camera and it does just what it says on the tin, it turns your IPhone camera footage into something akin to filming with the old Super 8’s.

The viewfinder appropriately transforms into that of a Super 8 camera once you load up the app.

There is a range of fun settings for you to experiment with. Want to shoot a 1920’s Chaplin-esque black and white? Want to create that warm tint found in so many 70’s films? Or fancy shooting a spoof Antonioni 60’s film? Simply swipe over to the labeled setting. It really is that simple.

Whilst you may not be shooting the next award winning short film with this feature, you will be surprised at the quality of the footage you get from it. But more to the point it provides hours of fun experimenting with different looks and styles. Ultimately that’s what filmmaking should be. At £1.49 this is practically a steal.

Have a look at this clip on YouTube of the App in action.

Lenses: 7 lenses bundled – Super 8, Clear, Flickering Frame, Spotlight, Light Leak, Color Fringing and Classic.

Films: 10 grainy, discolored, dusted and aged films from different eras – 1920, Noir, 60s, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, Pela, Indigo and Tuscan.

Jitter Button: Add random up and down displacement of frames to imitate real 8mm projectors.

Size 4.6MB

Cost £1.49

Get This App

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