12 Screenplays All Writers Need To Read: Some of My Favourite Screenplays

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It’s important for writers to read quality material. You will learn so much from this alone. In terms of lessons in writing, I find that reading a script garners much more invaluable information than from merely watching the film. You’re much more aware of the choice of words and how characters can come alive just from the text.

Here are some the screenplays in my personal collection. Many of these I’ve read several times over and they’ve helped me immensely on my own screenplays.

Collected Screenplays: Blood Simple/Raising Arizona/Miller’s Crossing/Barton Fink Coen, Ethan ( Author ) Oct-15-2002 Paperback

The Annotated “Godfather”: The Complete Screenplay with Commentary on Every Scene, Interviews and Little Known Facts

The Man Who Wasn’t There

The Shawshank Redemption: the Shooting Script (Newmarket Shooting Script)

True Romance

Reservoir Dogs

In Bruges

Chinatown and The Last Detail: Two Screenplays

LA Confidential: the Screenplay

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