Roadhouse Movie UK – Making a Feature Film From Nothing To Something

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The concept poster for Roadhouse by artists at The Red Dress

In lonely office in the city of London, Friday night, I was glued to my computer screen, barely noticing the suspicious glances of the security guards beginning their patrol. I was in the zone, hooked, I wanted to know what would happen next, who would say what?  The script I was working on was Roadhouse.


Roadhouse began as a single image, an old 70’s photograph I had seen 13 years ago. It wouldn’t be until much later when a friend borrowed me Terrence Malick’s Badlands that I would fuse the two together and the real story of Roadhouse began.


The making of this feature is as every bit as wild and chaotic as the world of the stories protagonists. The challenges faced by the leads do share some eerie parallels with our filmmaking team; will there be a happy ending? Well I suppose in many ways the answer to that is purely a matter of perspective.


I can say however that I have learnt more about life, the industry, and myself during the journey of making this film than anything else beforehand. It is truly a character defining experience.


Thanks for joining us, and check back for updates on our progress and how you too can be a part of this feature.

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