7 Lessons On How To Get Your Film Made

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It’s been three years since the completion of the first draft of my screenplay, and as yet I’m still working on getting it made. Below are some of the lessons I’ve learnt along the way that have now become part of my daily mantra.

Stanley Kubrick Directing Barry Lyndon (1975)

1. Think Circles Not Straight Lines

After you’ve got the script tight and polished (congrats on that feat in itself), there is no chronological order in which to go about getting your script to the screen. Think circles not straight lines; you have to do everything at once at the same time. That means, seeking investors, producers, talent, lawyers, and sales agents for your film. Inevitably you will find out that every element is dependent on the other so you will be forced to multitask or end up in a chicken and egg situation.

2. Don’t Take It Personally

Any criticism, any let downs you receive, and you will receive them, don’t let it weigh you down. It’s all part of the journey!

3. How Many No’s Can You Take Before You Quit?

This industry is very much about stamina.  You need to be tenacious. The ones that make it are those who through a mixture of insanity and a desperate need to do what they love, keep going despite the no’s until they get that ONE YES.


Martin Scorsese directing

4. Dead Ends Give You Options

If you come up to a dead end and you will lots of times, don’t be dismayed.  You have choices; you can retrace your steps and find another way around, you can keep hitting it head on by applying the same approach over and over, or you can bulldoze through the damn thing.

5. Be Creative

Creativity isn’t just about your script, talent or directing abilities, its about how you execute your project and the ways you go about it, after all this is showbiz!

6. Baby steps Are Important

Never underestimate the power of baby steps, each email, phone call, or meet, is another contact you didn’t have before.

Coppola Directing Brando in The Godfather

7. Be Prepared For The Marathon

It’s a marathon not a sprint, so don’t spend all your energy in the first hundred yard dash, save it, you will be running for a lot longer than you think.

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